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This season, the Swiss national team has been in the elite of the international arena for quite a long time. The team has won the gold medals at all tournaments it has participated in. This is the result of a good selection of players, which allows the team to play in the most difficult matches.
The team’s main competitors are the main favorites of the tournament:
* England;
* Germany;
• Brazil.
In the last season, Switzerland was the main favorite of the World Cup, but the team has not won the tournament.

The main goal of the Swiss team is to win the European Championship. The Swiss national football team has a long history in this tournament, so it is quite possible that the team will be able to get a good result.
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Live football results of all matches of Switzerland
The Swiss national soccer team has long been one of the main contenders for the gold medal at the World Championship. However, the team did not win this trophy, which is why it is considered one of its main failures.
However, the results in the international tournament are not the only thing that the Swiss soccer team needs to improve. It is also important to improve its results in domestic competitions. The national team of Switzerland is one of only a few national teams that plays in the Champions League.
It is also worth noting that the national soccer squad of Switzerland has a good number of players who have already played in the national teams of England, Germany, and other countries. This allows the Swiss players to show their skills in the domestic arena.
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Switzerland’ national football results at 777score
The national football of Switzerland began in the early 1900s. The first matches were held in the small town of Chur. However the first team that was formed there was not able to play at the international level.
After that, the national football began to grow. In the beginning, it was played only at the local level. However it was not long before the Swiss football team became a real force in the world of the sport.
Today, the country has a large number of national teams. This includes the national women football team, which has won several gold medals.
Many of the teams of Switzerland have long been considered the main competitors of the English national football. However this is not the case. The main goal for the Swiss teams is to qualify for the Worldcup, where they will play against the strongest teams of the world.
There is no doubt that the teams from Switzerland will be one of them. The country has the best football players in the whole world. This fact is one more proof that the country is a real contender for the title of the best country in the football world. The teams of this country are very good at the game of the attacking football.
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Main football results for the national men team of the Netherlands
The Dutch national football is one the best national teams in the entire world. They are considered one the main rivals of the Spanish national football, which won the European Cup in the 1990s.
Despite the fact that the Dutch national team is considered to be one the strongest national teams on the planet, it is still possible to find a lot of weaknesses. The most obvious ones are:
1. Lack of experience. The Dutch national men football team is one year older than the Spanish one. This means that the players have already experienced many matches. However they still lack experience.
2. Lack in the number of matches played. The Netherlands national football has only played in a few tournaments.
3. Lack a good coach. The current coach of the Dutch football team was appointed only a year ago.
4. Weaknesses of the players. The players of the current Dutch national squad are not very experienced. This can be seen in the fact, that the current coach is not able yet to use all the players in a proper way.
As a result, the Dutch team is not considered to have the best team in the history of the European football. It has not been able to win any trophy, so the Dutch are considered to not be the best in the current tournament. However their results in international tournaments are quite good.
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Football results of Netherlands national team
The Netherlands national soccer is one among the best teams in Europe. The football of the country started in the late 1800s.