How Brazil will line up against Mexico.

The first round of the World Championship has been held in Russia and it has been quite successful for the hosts. The team of Real Madrid has been playing well, as well as the teams from Manchester City and Liverpool. The main rival of Brazil is Mexico, which is considered one of the main favorites of the tournament.
However, the team of the Royal Club has not been the best in the first round. The first game of the season was a failure, as the team lost to the team from the United States. The failure of the team was not only in the match, but also in the result. The United States team was better than the Royal team in the start of the championship, but the latter managed to win the match.

The team of Manchester City was also not the best, as it lost to a team from Spain. The Spanish team was considered to be one of favorites of this year’s tournament. The game of Barcelona was also a failure. The Catalans were not able to score a single goal, and the team did not have a single point.
It is quite difficult to make a prediction on the results of the second round, because there are several factors that can affect the final score. For example, the following factors can affect it:
1. The level of the teams.
2. The performance of the leaders.
3. Discipline of the players.
4. Injuries of the stars.
5. Bad weather conditions.
6. Unsuccessful transfers.
7. Other factors.
In this case, it is very difficult to predict the final result of the game.
Main Intrigues of the Second Round
The second round of World Championship is going to be held in the United Arab Emirates, which will be interesting for fans from all over the world. The teams of Manchester United and Liverpool are the main contenders for gold medals, but they have not been playing for a long time.
As for the teams that are considered to have a good chance of winning, they are:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Inter;
and finally, the teams of the United Kingdom and Spain.
All the teams are playing well at the moment, but it is difficult to say that they will be able to repeat the success of the first season.
Next Match of the Season
The main intrigue of the match between the teams will be the performance of Messi. The Argentine player is considered to become one of best players of the world, but he has not played for the national team for a year.
This is why the team needs to win gold medals in order to be able not to miss the World Cup. The second round has shown that the teams have a lot of problems, which can be solved only by winning gold medals.
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Football Results of the First Round of the FIFA World Cup
The football results of first round are not very interesting for the fans, because the teams were not playing for long. However, the match with the United team was quite successful. The players of Manchester united were able to show a good game, and it was a real surprise for the team.
Real Madrid has a good opportunity to win, because it is the main rival. The last time the teams met in the Champions League was in the group stage, and Real lost to Barcelona.
Barcelona has a rather good chance to win. The club has a lot to do, because this season the players have to show their maximum in all matches.
Juventus is also a good candidate for winning. The Turin team has a chance to play in the European Cup, and if they win the tournament, they will become the main favorite of the next season. The results of this match are not so good, but if you look at the statistics of the performance, you can say that the team has everything necessary for the victory.
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What to Expect from the Second Match
The next match is going be the match of ManchesterCity with the team that is considered as the main contender for the title. The previous match was a success, because Manchester City managed to get the win.
At the moment the main intrigue is the performance level of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has been the leader of the club for a number of years, and he has become one the main stars of the EPL.
He is the leader in the number of goals, as he scored a lot in the previous season. However the results were not so successful, because he did not score a goal in the next match. The fans are not satisfied with the results, because they want to see more from the player.
Another important thing is the motivation of the player, because his club is considered the main competitor of Manchester.
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