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The first match of the new season of the national championship of Argentina took place on the field of the Estadio Nacional. The match was held between the teams from the South American country and the team of the Royal Club.

The match was played with the score of 2:1. The first goal was scored by the player of the team, who was named as Lionel Messi. The Argentine player scored with a header from a distance of only 6 metres. The second goal was also scored by Messi. This goal was a result of a mistake of the goalkeeper of the Argentine team, Sergio Romero. The goalkeeper of Royal Club, who is called “the best in the world”, made a mistake with a ball that was not very close to the goal. The ball was deflected in a way that it hit the goal, and the goalkeeper was able to save it. The goal was the second of Messi.
In the second half, the score was 3:1 for the Royal club. The main goal of the game was scored in the last minute. The player of Royal club, who has been called ‘the best goalkeeper in the history of the football’, Sergio Ramos, made an excellent save. The penalty was also saved by the goalkeeper.
It is worth noting that the goal was not the only one of the match. The game was not a failure for the team. The team was able not only to score, but also to do it in the final match.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the championship of South America on the website of sports statistics. Here, the information is updated in real time.
Football results of Argentina vs. Croatia
The new season has started, and it is time for the first matches of this new tournament. The new championship of the South America is called the Copa América. The tournament is held every four years. This year, the Copas Américas are held in the United States.
This year, Argentina has a good chance of winning the tournament. This is due to the fact that the team has a number of leaders who are able to influence the outcome of the games. Among the main contenders for the victory are:
1. Lionel Messi
2. Diego Simeone’s team
3. “River Plate”
4. River Plate
5. Boca Juniors
6. Independiente
7. Tigre
8. Atletico
9. Club Atlético Tucumán
10. Club Atléticas
11. Club León
12. Club Amémaco
13. Club Guaraní
14. Club Bolívar
15. Club Argentinos Juniors.
All of them are able, in different ways, to influence a game and make it interesting.
The Argentine player has been playing for the national team for a long time. He has won the World Cup in the same year. The fact that he is able to score goals has already become a legend among the fans.
Lionel Messi is the leader of the tournament of South American football. He is able not to miss any goal of his team. He scored the first goal of Argentina in the match with Chile. The score was 2:0. The following day, the game ended with a score of 3:3.
The second goal of Messi was a great surprise for the Chilean team. They were expecting a goal from the Argentine player. The shot was deflection and hit the ball of the goal of Santiago. The result was a goal of Lionel Messi and a score 2:2.
There were also a lot of goals scored by other players of the teams. The players of “Chile” managed to score 3 goals, and they were the following:
* Sergio Aguero;
* “Juventus”;
These goals were not the most important ones, but they were scored by a number players of these teams.
However, the Argentine Messi was not able to finish the game. He missed a penalty kick, and after that the game turned out to be a draw.
This is the second time that Messi has missed a goal in the Copacabana. The last time was in the game with Uruguay. Messi missed a shot that was deflections and hit a goal. This time, the goal scorer was the Argentine.
Simeone score
The coach of the “Royal Club” Simeones also has a lot to do with the outcome. He managed to get the score 2-2, but the game became more interesting when the score became 3:0 for the ”Royal Club.” The first goals of Simeon were scored with the help of a penalty. The goals of the coach were:
• ”River Plate;” and
• “Tigre.’
The goal of Tigre was scored with an excellent pass from the goalkeeper, who made a good save.
After that, the team was not in a good mood. They did not show their best game, and this was the main reason for the defeat.