Top 10 players with the highest transfer value.

The transfer market has become increasingly interesting, as many teams have strengthened their lineup. The transfer market is always a good opportunity to get a good player for the club. The main thing is to evaluate the player’s potential and the club’ capabilities.
This is why the transfer market becomes so important. It is also important to note that not all transfers are equal. The most popular transfers are:
* buying a goalkeeper;
* acquiring a midfielder;
* acquiring a defender.
It is also worth noting that the most expensive transfers are those that have a high transfer value, such as:
1. “Borussia Dortmund”. The club bought the young defender from “Leipzig”, which cost €20 million. The player is a talented defender who can play in the center of the defense.
2. ”Manchester United” bought the midfielder from ”Borussias” for €37 million. This player is an excellent attacking player who can score goals.
3. Liverpool bought the forward from ‘Barcelona’ for €45 million. He is a good striker who can help the team win the Champions League.
4. Tottenham bought the defender for €33 million.
5. Manchester City bought the goalkeeper for €20.5 million.
6. Arsenal bought the striker for €35 million. It’ll be interesting to see how the club will use the player.
7. Chelsea bought the winger for €25 million. They are trying to sign the player for a long time, but it’d be a mistake to buy him now.
8. Leicester bought the player from ’Tottenham’. The team is trying to get the player, but he is not in their budget.
9. Southampton bought the footballer for €18 million. However, the club is not sure if he will be able to help the club in the future.
10. “Manchester City” got the goalkeeper from „Leicester” and the striker from ‚Tottenham.“
It’ s also worth highlighting the transfer of the player who has a low transfer value:
“Manchester United.”
The club bought a defender for £15 million. If the club can get the defender, it will be a good chance to get rid of the expensive player. The cost of the defender is £7 million, which is a lot for a club. However the player is not the best defender in the world. The defender is a young player who is still learning the game.
‘Manchester United will try to buy the player again.’
The team is also trying to buy a midfielder. The midfielder is a player who will help the defense and the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is a very important position in the team. The problem is that the club doesn’t have the budget for it.

”Manchester City “also got the striker, but the cost is much higher. The price of the striker is £20 million, but there is a chance that the team will get him for free.
You can always follow the transfer news on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the latest information about the transfer events.
What to expect from the new season?
The new season of the Champions league is coming. The clubs have a lot of chances to win the title. The competition is very high, so the teams have to play well.
However, the main thing for the teams is to get into the playoffs. The teams will play in a group with 8 teams. The top 3 teams will be invited to the playoffs, while the bottom 3 teams have a chance to be relegated.
In the first round, the teams will face each other in a best-of-7 series. The winner will be the first to enter the playoffs and the second will enter the group. The losers will be relegated to the EPL zone.
At the end of the season, the clubs will be rewarded with the Champions trophy. The previous season, “Liverpool” won the trophy.
So, the new champion of the world will be decided in the next season. The first matches of the new championship are already on the calendar.
Who will be in the leading positions of the Epl table?
In this season, there are a lot chances for the clubs to get to the leading position of the standings. The leading positions are occupied by:
• Manchester United;
• “Arsenal”;
„Chelsea” (the team from London);
‚Manchester City;
The teams have good chances to get in the top 3.
If the teams don’ t get into a leading position, they will have to compete for the places in the playoffs with the teams from the lower divisions. The following teams are in the lower division:
· Leicester;
· “Tottenham;
It will be interesting for the fans to see who will get into leading positions in the EPl table.
Also, the fans can follow the results of the matches on the sports statistics website. Here, you can always find the results and the schedule of the upcoming matches.